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Time travel


If you could go back to the past which event or year would you go to that could change our history ?


@midn8ght would definitely go back to 2016 :joy::joy:


And I’d go back to 2013. I missed out on vine.


Why not just date me now


I have competition with Ash :joy:


Take me back to 2012 i miss old memes, minecraft and Gangnam style


Wait how :joy:


Take me back to when snap and Instagram were made :frowning:


The roaring 20s so I can go to those wild parties :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


:thinking:hmmmmm… probably wouldn’t time travel. Maybe go back and beat some video games I couldn’t as a kid.


why not just play them now? :thinking:


It mattered when I was little. Not anymore. lol


You put ‘Roaring 20s’ in my head lol


great gatsby type beat


Omg same tgose were the days :joy:


Would I be my age now or the age I used to be


Would do the exact same


I would go back in time when Vine was released so that I could start there :):wink:


i don’t wanna change anything but i do wanna see a dinosaur in person. from far away of course.


Really any time 2016 and earlier… things just took a nosedive after that…