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Tik Tok Rewind is a thing


Okay so apparently Tik Tok Rewind is gonna be a thing and I’m not sure wether to feel fearfully intrigued or morbidly digusted🤣


all that i know is that i wanna be tracer


but i’m already tracer


What is that? I’ve heard lots of people say it…


apparently a meme i havent heard about…which indicates i am indeed getting old…welp see yall in the papers im out


tracer is a character from overwatch and the meme is a reference to a song


I’m already Tracer


Oh right. Thanks.


Do you have any proof/links?


I have Tik Tok so I got a notification about it. I checked it out and to my surprise it’s real. This is a screenshot of the post by the official Tik Tok account, confirming it’s happening.


hit or miss…

guess i have no friends


Bruh the world isn’t ready for this :upside_down_face:


Yeah they did one last year when the app was still called musically.


Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.


Here it is


this is what put me off of overwatch. can’t play it. i just want death.


^^ An accurate representation of me on my period :joy::sob:


Omg I just watched it :expressionless: much better than YouTube rewind tho :tea::tea::tea:


I haven’t seen it either and I’m 17​:joy::joy: I must be old too :eyes:


But did they nerf bastion???