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Tik Tok Feels Like The New Youtube

Barely use tik tok as it is, but whenever i look at it and see the comments secitons it reminds of the youtube comment section greatly. drop your thoughst below


I mean you’re not wrong. The biggest difference I find on YouTube vs tik tok is OC. Like yeah, you can literally scroll tiktok for hours in comparison to YouTube, but it’s just not as entertaining imop. Lol


it’s has some similarities and differences.

tik tok’s community is mostly children or youtubers

youtube’s community is hugeeeee and has a target audience for all ages.

tik tok videos are more of a lip syncing/skits that are about a minute long. they have so many effects, face filters, and edits.

youtube is everything. longer videos, topics for everything, easier layout, titles, upload to your heart’s desire, and it’s just so efficient.

you can’t just go on tik tok and try to figure out how to change a tire. youtube is for everyone and youtube has always been the better option.


Honestly I really don’t go to the comment sections of anything a whole lot

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I feel Byte will be good for creators that want to actually create more authentic content rather than all the special effects which I think hides peoples true selves. Byte will allow people to go back to basics :slightly_smiling_face: because sometimes less is more!. And allow Bytes to truly create content from scratch. We’re super excited to embark on a new journey, have fun, get creative and help Byte grow. We cant wait to see all creators really show their true colors its gonna be great. It will definitely be worth the wait. :smile:


I can’t see tiktok being like youtubeeeee


Idk what tiktok comments look like but is it really as dysfunctional as YouTube’s???

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it really comes down to age. if you’re a middle school girl its great, but once you hit even 15 you’re like wtf am i doing on here?

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youtube started that way too, and now all the adults or the youtubers who started as kids are all grown up. I agree as a search engine its mediocre, but I feel like things are changing. the audience i’ve noticed on there is slowly starting to age up.

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youtube comments are pretty trash in my opinon

I guess this is more of an observation I should say.

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my reasoing for this is because it stared with young people and then aged up. same thing happened on youtube.

kids in general are dysfunctional. the comments remind of youtube greatly with their rude sacracsm and puns

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