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Tik Tok and the community


Hey everyone! I’ve been here since day 1 basically but haven’t really posted anything! It’s looking like byte may soon be apon us and I am sooooo excited!!! It’s nice know that spring will be full of byte! Anyway I am a little concerned about what Tik Tok has brought us lately, the whole community and general content on that app completely changed to a bunch of copy cats basically. I’m just hoping the same thing won’t happen to byte! Also hoping the whole Tik Tok community doesn’t migrate to byte! Anyways, I can’t wait to be making short loops with you all very soon! See ya!


Changed to #youtube-vine-instagram-etc


Welcome to the forums anyway :heart:


I wish the same thing yo


It would be a disaster if Tik Tokkers migrate to Byte.


I’m thinking tik tokers won’t do well on byte as it’s COMPLETELY og content I’ve seen a lot of people just use other people’s ideas to make hits . byte and tik tok shouldn’t be in each other’s categories but they will be battling eachother for top app


RE: AustinHarris
That’s so right, I also see a bunch of people trying to say that Tik Tok became the new Vine, which I have never agreed with.


Yeah me too. But it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Byte encourages creativity and just lip synching and looking attractive ain’t gonna cut it. (I hope)


Amen brother!


i agree with this…they wont be as creative probably…i could be wrong tho


Honestly, TikTok users are some of the creative people on social media. They get posted around and right now, it’s the easiest platform to gain a following on.


I don’t think there will be copy cats on byte, almost everyone that I know who really wants to be a byter also wants to have original, different and creative content. Regarding tiktokers “migrating” to byte, maybe they just know how to lip sync and wink in front of a camera and that’s not going to work on byte but maybe there’s really funny and creative people who can create good content and I don’t have any problem with them.