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Thoughts on the Youtube Rewind?


It was pretty lame compared to the previous years :confused:


yeah exactly, i understand they’re controversial but they belong in there


It is one of the biggest disappointments of 2018.


It is every year, but every year we think hmmm maybe this year it’ll actually be good.




yeah same, had high hopes but was dissapointed


Haha they used “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco in it. I honestly love that song.


I was happy about it, actually. They didn’t feature a lot of Big Companies, only Will Smith (who honestly, I can’t be too mad about, I feel like he actually cares about the whole youtube thing in a more authentic way) and the few Talk Shows featured had less than a second screen time.

I also liked that they heard our pleas for less creators. For years now the comments of any Youtube Rewind were full of people complaining about the fact that they put way too many creators in, but most didn’t even have more than a split second in a group shot. Like, if you wanted to recognize your favorite creators you had to pause the video and study the shot.

Yes, all the talking was weird and messed up the pacing. Shorter dialogues with more music and dinamic shots would have been better. But they managed to get some comedy in this way, and it created a cohesive concept for the video.

I appreciate that they changed, becuase it means they actually tried to listen to the community. They could have done the same shit they’ve been doing for years. Everyone is complaining about it, and knowing is acknowledging the stuffdd they improved. Honestly, if I was youtube this would make me drop the towel. “What’s the point of trying to do what they want if they’ll just hate it even more”


its all shit


To YouTube:

For your information, 2018 WASN’T ONLY FORTNITE

and also youtube, why did you put in fake comments that were never made?

but the baby shark and happier remix was actually really good


yahh same really like the song


Cringy af