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Thoughts on the Youtube Rewind?


Hey y’all,

Now that a day has passed and we’ve all been able to see the YouTube rewind, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Personally, I think this is the worst Rewind yet as I say here. It just felt very disconnected from the community…


Also, they do not listen to the community, and they had a part in which they ‘‘read’’ top comments and adding what they said… they didn’t do that at all.


AHAHA, that tweet describes it perfectly for me :joy:


i like that it had baby shark


I actually can’t believe how bad it is.
People said previous years were bad and stuff, but it’s not like they were un-watchable.
This one felt all over the place, as if they organized it last minute


dUPliCaTe ThREaD



whole thing felt like a mess and unwatchable


wait where?


i watched all the old Rewinds yesterday and nothing can compare to them )):


idk but there probs is, anyway yeah rewind was garbage as usual bc they have no idea what they’re doing


yeah same, i felt such nostalgia :’)


The problems I have with it personally is that there was too much talking, so many people I didn’t know, too much Fortnite, unpopular challenges, memes we didn’t really like. And I don’t think they even put that much effort in this year. It got boring for me.

That’s just my opinion.


the whole talk bit at the end literally isnt even a youtube rewind its just lets try to include people as much as possible.


no Pewdiepie /:



10 minutes full of nothing; best thing on screen was julioprofe


agreed dude


so sad :’(


I’m happy to see large companies not being featured in it as much as last year!


I really didn’t like it

Some people I would have liked to see: David Dobrik, KSI vs Logan , Pewdiepie, etc.
Things that were such a huge part of YouTube. I see that YouTube only wants positive things, but in all honesty the KSI v. Logan was huge.

just my 2 cents