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Thoughts? I would love the feedback ^^^


So I was going to do Bytes like most people going in the comedy direction. Starring me, right? Well considering my options I personally didn’t want my face all over Byte (thinking highly of myself, I know, but bare with me). I decided I wanted to go anonymous. How you may ask?
Panda :panda_face:. My original idea for Byte which I have throw around was for me to wear a panda head and deliver my jokes without revealing my face (but my voice would be featured). I have recently discovered something called “furries” I believe they’re called, in TikTok which are people basically dressed in mascot-like costumes. I don’t intend on following in their footsteps and worry I may be compared with them. I value the opinion of everyone on the forums and would love some feed back, the good the bad and the ugly

P.S- (for the experts and Mods) I categorized as #promote-yourself but didn’t know if it would be #general-discussion or #idea


Could make you stand out but on the other hand get used to being labeled a furry forever :o


Exactly. Also anyone could dress up the same and drag my name through the dirt so that’s the dilemma


It also depends on why you don’t wanna show your face

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Applying for college and jobs, I want to be taken seriously. I want to consider what my actions do now affect the rest of my life

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I mean how would anybody involved in college admissions know about any of your social media though?

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Some colleges look for your accounts.


I wouldn’t plan on posting things that would discredit me, just being taken seriously

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Thanks for the article !

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I remember I tried that when I was a viner, I eventually got bored and lost my creativity and completely remade myself. Now If people find me they find me :man_shrugging:t5:, if I have works that prove how valuable I am (My stacked resumè) I wanna see someone turn me down just because I do skits and such. Though my direct information is not on any of my account you can plainly see my face lol. Do what makes you feel comfortable though, you know I’ll support you :grin:


for the panda head, as long as you keep yourself confident and make no allusion to being a furry whatsoever, it should be good. Just passively make it obvious that you’re only using the panda mask for comedy and anonymity :grin:


Don’t worry about people dragging you name to the dirt It’s kind of (taking it as an example) marshmello.
If someone recreates the mask and kills a lizard, we all know marshmellow wouldn’t go and kill a lizard with his mask on bc it’s so obvious. So basically if someone does something bad with the panda mask on, we’ll know it wasn’t you


Just do it, and stop caring what people think. Haters will always be there. Shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams


I did think of marshmallow too :joy:thanks! also thanks @billauckland. That’s true, always haters, but not any from the forums. Love yall!!


Definitely only for comedy. Thanks for the encouragement!! also @Wildcorbino you always got my back :v: :grin:


Dang right lol

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I’ll just best you to the chiropractor joke…

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Honestly I was gonna say “you know I got yo back like chiroprac-tics” but idk if you’d get the reference lol


Let’s try and save those cheesy jokes for Byte :joy: