The seccond the app is out thoughts?


I feel like everyone (+Me) is hanging on untill they see the app in the play store or the apple version. (only owned android)
Anyway the seccond its on your phone everyone is going to flood it with content trying to get ahead of everyon else.
Where as i’ll just sit and watch laughing :grin: :vine:
(Reading this back it sounds mean? Its not loved V*ne and cant wait for v2:vine:)


I mean, people will flood it and try to get big. But like, some people are just gonna die out because they don’t really care about the app. They just want FAME!!!


the more content that fills the app the better I think, it gives people more to watch and nobody will get bored!


I actually like doing videos sooo my I’m trying to keep constant flow, but I see what you mean. Ngl I want fame but I want to earn it and not die off.


I mean… its gonna be a community (already is) so I’ll be enjoying the content just as much as I’ll enjoy creating it


i really hope we all still stay helpful and help eachother out even after the app is out


I agree with arf, It’ll probably just get flooded with people trying to gain fame, making as much content as they can, but then die out pretty quick maybe . . hopefully the community wont be too toxic and all


honestly, when the app comes out if I notice it like as soon as it comes out the first thing i’ll do is try to get the name i want…