The risk of Large V***rs Flooding V2


With the hype of V2 escalating day by day, don’t you guys think that those with a larger following are preparing for V2 to hit the market. Naturally for the app to become successful it will need content from seasoned artists, and those with a smaller following will need to utilize every talent and skill at their disposal.

Do you think there’s a potential risk of those with a large following to take flood V2?


Everyone is allowed, "Past creators having an advantage?"
Just because someone with a large audience on other sites will use V2 should not discourage you, everyone starts somewhere.


You misunderstand, i’m not discouraged in any way, artists with larger audiences are necessary for the success of V2. This post is just to get everyones input or just forsight on how the first weeks of V2 will look. Whether it be a large number of new artists or an abundance of seasoned artists. I’m sorry, i should have been more clear in my post


Absolutely. Anything is a risk this early of a stage in the V2 process. I do believe that if any large influencer comes on they will utilize their following they have already to bring over to V2. This is wonderful for the growth of V2 but I truly believe that Dom is going to make it possible for other people to be discovered.


Trueee with a larger artist coming on the platform would also bring their audience with them, and those that produce similar content may get some recognition.


Exactly! :wink: You have to think optimistically. Instead of dreading the audience they’re bringing, embrace them. :relaxed:


i feel you @sydknoxx. i’m just anticipating how v2’s homepage will display artists. i’m excited for the audience and the app. while we wait i’d just like to speculate how the new platform will be. :smile:


We all are, trust me. :joy::joy: I’m dying over here. lol do you plan to make content or just watch? if so, what kind of content?


Definitely make content. I plan to do comedic skits :smile: hbu?


I plan to do some comedy skits as well. If you ever wanna collab, here is a small skit/parody i did for IT. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


lmao good stuff :laughing: we can definitely collab.

nothing as good as your “it” parody but this is me


omg your 100 layers of saran wrap was awesome! i wanna do that! LOL


Funny stuff haha


Thanks! I appreciate the love :smiley:


Thanks lmao got some work to do to be v2 ready tho


I loved that :joy::joy:


Hey I’m Alex :call_me_hand: Yes, seasoned social media influencers will have the advantage of being able to bring over their following from other social media platforms. But I do not feel as if this should deter other people from giving it a shot!!

I may be wrong, but I believe there will be so much opportunity within this app that is free for the taking. Artists that were looking for exposure for their work can now have another chance to meet and connect with others who are also going to be fumbling their way through this new and exciting platform! I can’t wait to meet more of you artists. Much love :vulcan_salute:


I feel like v2 is an open opportunity for whoever’s willing to take it. Regardless of a bigger content creator moving people over to the platform it will do nothing but help the smaller creators win as well(as long as you all are CRUSHING it with great content) so, I say it’s a win win!!!


For sure :grin:, looking forward to see your work. What’s your content btw?


On IG I focus on dance mixed with visual fx, but ba k in the days of regular vine I stuck to visual f2f based comedy sketches. I’m on ig as @Ezell2film_IG (someone took my tag smh)