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The Lifeblood of byte

From the Google dictionary:
lifeblood ( /ˈlīfˌbləd/ ) - noun. 1. the blood, as being necessary to life. 2. the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.

It is clear that byte is hoping to use various features and use a set of policies. However, what will be the main factor to focus on and prioritize the most? It might sound like the obvious answer is video, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The lifeblood of an app isn’t necessarily a feature, it can also be a characteristic.

The lifeblood of social media in general is user-generated content (not necessarily from a human user.) But what would it be for byte? My guess is it’s community, but this shouldn’t be a guess.

This should be established by the byte team and made public as soon as possible. It makes it clear to anyone interested in the company in any way, whether as a creator, a potential investor, or a potential employee, what its priority is or what its priorities are.

As for the viewers of the post, what do you think the lifeblood of byte should be?


Dom has said that Byte will be focused on community, and I love that. We’re already so strong, I can’t wait to see where this app takes us in the future.


Having a focus established is the first step towards establishing what is the lifeblood of any project. However, the focus of byte won’t necessarily end up being the main priority, especially when byte goes public (hence why I created the post :grin:.)