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#1 expert can confirm


Law abiding expert, can confirm :sunglasses::balance_scale:


Vic The Expert can confirm


fake expert, can confirm


Not trying to be an expert , can confirm :raising_hand_man:


Kaden you’ve always got really good ideas.


Always tired and hungry expert, can confirm.


Added X2 topics, seasonal features and rebytes.


hi kaden - a lil recommendation. when linking a topic, link the original post instead of linking to a random comment in the middle of the thread - just to avoid confusion. I only just noticed this with your “bursts” link, so I don’t know you’d need to update any others.

but it’s just a suggestion :sweat_smile:


i fixed all the others but forgot to the burst I guess. fixed now



great idea, very informative.


@dom pin?

pinned #35


When you gain the power to pin yourself :joy: