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This topic is going to help slim the forums a bit by countering duplicate posts. If you’re a new user here, I strongly advise you read this to get a head-start on the discussion and some of your first replies! But always remember, search for a topic before you create a new one! Old users, you can always add on to these topics when ever you want. The more discussion the better. :blep:

All of these links will direct you to various popular topics that you can read and add on to.

Verification and other Badges :white_check_mark:
Special badges

Achievements and Trophies :trophy:

Dark mode (CONFIRMED) :black_circle:
Dark mode

Live videos (1 MINUTE LIVE VIDEOS CONFIRMED) :video_camera:
Live videos

Poll systems :ballot_box:
Poll system

Duets and artist collaboration :woman_technologist:

Categories/ features :calendar:
Popular page
Algorithm/ sorting

Archiving/ hiding bytes :running_man:
Archiving bytes

Monetizing :money_with_wings:

No rebytes, in the beginning (CONFIRMED)

Seasonal Features (CONFIRMED)

I know this may bring up some older posts, but since they are first, they do have priority over the newer ones so try to direct your attention there! I will actively update this as new/ keynote features are confirmed/ discussed so be sure to revisit this topic. :grin:

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