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The Hermanos TEAM (Byte Team )


:stuck_out_tongue:Hello everyone! My name is Zaid (Instagram : ) and this topic was created for promote my team that is call "THE HERMANOS TEAM " on the social medias (BYTE) but obviously now we`re on Instagram, here is the link: ( If u want, u can follow us on our social media or only the team, and if u want to be part of all this community or only send videos on DM, follow us…


our rivals!


Okay. …


I want to make a team now. Everyone is. Actually I’ll prolly join one. Any recruitment offers?




ash dont be like that you meanie


my team is all byte needs.


your team is literally you


the only teams i support is team 197 and bytches


not in a harsh way its literally just ash


not true…
team197 forevs


What is your team Ash


well. I don’t have an actual team, it’s just a running joke really :sweat_smile:


Ew bytches 4 life