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The Guide to Content Creating on Byte


Thanks for all the positive feedback :blush:


um I thought I replied but I guess I didn’t, but nice thread justin!


Great thread! Very informative! :+1:


Man, this was really useful. Thanks!


Thanks buddy! Cleared everything needed


Hey, this information was very helpful I was just wondering what is a beta? is it the signup sheet on google docs on the byte’s twitter feed? really passionate about this app and would love to no a little bit more info thanks :slight_smile:


“beta” or “beta phase” refers to the time in which software is tested before being released/published officially.

the sign-up form on the twitter account is for the Byte Creator’s Program, not beta.

there were two limited-time sign-ups (that were both held here on these forums) that are now closed. future ones may arise, though!


I find what you have said, very useful and well said. GG

However, posting 3 a day especially if they are not quality Bytes could perhaps hinder your progress as it will seem quite spammy.

Nonetheless, I believe that maybe 1-2 a day at the right time of day should be enough (considering they are top quality bytes.

At the beginning I suggest 2 quality bytes a day is more than enough , then as you gain a following you could perhaps limit yourself to one a day in order to save ideas for the long run.

My thoughts anyway <3

Good luck to everyone and remember as long as you are posting regularly then there shouldn’t be a worry.

Better to post than not to post :wink:

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This was extremely helpful advice. I don’t think I’ll be a beta tester tho :confused:


Hey thankyou very much for this information!! and clearing this up.

Also wondering what the creator program is because we signed up for it and does this give you an advantage before the app comes out? and one more thing, were abouts would the beta signup sheet be on this site in the future?

Thanks for your support - Kane Twins


Wow very helpful. Thanks for this


Okay. I got you.


the creator program is just a way to be more closely in contact with the creators of the app, if i remember correctly


HI community, I just received an email stating sign-ups I’m confused on what to do and don’t know if its the second lot or an old post can someone please fill me in. :grinning:


Post a screen shot quickly !


Thanks for reviving my topic guys :blush:


Bumping this because it’s handy.