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The Guide to Content Creating on Byte


I saw someone asking a question about when to start posting bytes and if he should post during beta or not well heres some insight about this and a little bit more.

When the beta opens the people who have access will be able to post bytes and test out the app for bugs and glitches. I don’t know wether those bytes will carry over or if usernames/accounts will carry over to the actual app but it is best to start posting on beta so you understand the dynamic of how everything will look to other people and how the app functions altogether.

When byte officially launches in the app store you will want to post as soon as possible. Posting early gives you a headstart on people viewing your content that’ll be the first thing they see. Now once the app kickstarts and your ready to dish out bytes, from experience and prior knowledge the best times to post things are early in the morning and the middle of the day posting at night isn’t the best imo as majority of people are asleep and there is less traffic.

My last words of advice is create because you enjoy creating, create what you love. Post extra on the weekends as nobody is in school and most people are off from work, be consistent with your content try to get out at least 1 to 3 a day. One of the most important things is constantly change your content so your audience can have variety. Following this regimend can do you very well if you take heed to my advice :wink:

~ Justin

Beta questions

thank you!! :+1:


Much appreciated advice!! :pray:t4:


well that clears out most of the doubts, im gonna be posting regardless, i got unlimited ideas fam and they keep gushin in


Thanks alot mahn! Really helpful…


You guys are all very much welcome


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thanks for clarifying :grinning:


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my tip is to post once a day and to record as much content as possible so when you have no idea what to post, you can just post an older clip you’ve already made to not skip out the days. If Byte will be anything like Instagram or YouTube consistency is key.


Damn wish my brain worked like yours :joy:


How I’m trying to be


But good thinking Justin !! I’ll be taking all this into consideration


Makes perfect sense. I personally hope accounts won’t be reset. But reuploading isn’t a problem either if you still have the files


How do you become apart of the beta users?


The first sign-ups were in October. Although now closed, another opportunity to sign up may arise soon, so keep on checking here for that!


good post how byte will work cant wait for beta invite 2 to come out will keep watch every day for it


Why not post stuff you like instead of spamming 3 vids a day?


yeah, rather than posting to reach a quota, posting on a regular schedule would be more effective. it shows that you’re committed to delivering content to your followers.

spamming 3 vids a day isn’t exactly a problem, but less exposure, less quality, and more of a “spammy” feel won’t do you any good.


Thank you for this! Your advice can really help us learn to grow our accounts on Byte