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The forum welcome pinned notice needs updating

When we first visit the forum there’s this little popup thing that tells us some info. You should probably update the official twitter and add the instagram account of the app.
Maybe also remove the “NO official chat” because there is a Discord.



So it would look something like:


The app currently in the App Store was not made by us and is an impersonation. Please be cautious if you decide to use it.


:announcement: Please read this thread before posting

:twitter: Official Accounts and Sites

  • — The site you’re on right now
  • — The site that byte will be launnched on
  • @byte_app — Official Twitter account for the app
  • @byte_app — Official Instagram account for the app
  • Discord — Official Discord

There is NO official merchandise. There are NO other official sites other than are listed above, Twitter accounts, beta offers, or apps.

:rotating_light: Please search before creating a new post!

We’re seeing a sizable number of duplicate posts. Besides fragmenting the conversation, duplicate posts just feel spammy. We are going to start taking action on these posts, starting with deletion. If it happens repeatedly, we may suspend an account’s privileges.


Looks good!

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Thank you for this! This should help clear some things out!

Don’t forget the Discord though, and then there’s also the thing that I never joined rip

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I edited the suggestion that I posted above to add the Discord