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The Forum Sponsored Discord


hello forum members, new and old; today is a interesting and awesome day because we finally came around to organizing an SPONSORED Byte Community Discord. this discord, sponsored by dom will be the hub for connection between the staff, and the forum. the server is going to be ran by myself, dom, and the staff team, and moderated by the Experts here on the forums. if you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the discord!

by joining this server you agree to the terms of service stated on this forum, and agree to follow the rules as well. failure to do so will result in your removal from the server.

do not spam ping, or pm staff or dom himself. doing so will result in disciplinary action.

I missed the beta post by 5 minutes
Followup Beta Signup
*Goes on forums after 2 weeks*
What happened (what have I missed)
Simulacra pipe dream naw this a bad dream
What has happened?
Anyone else wanna connect online? Please dm me, no cannibals plz
Update me?
Who’s still here since the beginning of the forum?
why dont we found/create a coallistion of the very first creators on v2?
Question about the creator program
Byte Community Podcast Ep.5 (DOMCAST)
Any active groupchats?

its finally here


I’m joining right now! Thanks guys!


Yeah!!! Very excited to be a part of this! :smile:


Pinned hype!





Awwww aww aww its heeere!!!


yeee haw



Followup Beta Signup

I’m having trouble becoming a member can anyone help :bowing_man:t4:‍♂️


on the discord or on the actual forum?


The link to the discord


Finally! After a long time of waiting, the unofficial/official V2 Discord!


I’m all good now I got it :man_facepalming:t4: Thanks again lol




hi @kaden :grin: can’t wait to chat live with you and other members on the discord! :laughing: yee haw :cowboy_hat_face:


Cool, I’m joining now :smile:


That’s awesome! :grinning: