The Elder Scrolls 6 announcement


Guys, after seven years, Bethesda finally announced The Elder Scrolls VI. I’m so hyped. I haven’t been this excited about something since the announcement of V2. And omg the music in the teaser gives me chills.




I can not wait for this. I simply CAN’T!


Holy F****** I am so F***** keen. Fell in love with skyrim as a kid! I am so ready, the only bad thing is gonna be the long ass wait… I wouldn’t mind if they remastered morrowind or oblivion as well in the mean time.


Yaaaasss loved skryim this is def gonna be huge


Well here comes my brother’s happy mood sprinkling over the house like fairy dust.


We’ve waited 7 years so what’s 2 more right? We’re gonna have Fallout 76 this year and Starfield, Bethesda’s new space rpg, probably in 2019, which I’m super excited for as well.


The hype surrounding this game is going to be ridiculous. Probably the most hyped up game of the decade.


It’s gonna be on the ps5 and next gen consoles, that’s fuckin dope


Thats what worries me though, I don’t think they will release both the games close together which means more of a long ass wait…


i was quaking in my graphic tee when i found out my flatmate sent me a screenshot

the last one is 927398572407 years old but still bomb.

i bloody can’t wait

we’re being blessed with so many vg this year


I LEGIT just started replaying skyrim a week ago this is insane!!! I’m so hyped up for it oh my gosh


Yep I’m so excited, can’t wait for it to take over my life :joy:


Me too :joy:. I swear after it comes out the world will not see or hear from me for a few months.


Just saw this :joy: imagine…


I wouldn’t even be mad tbh


I think I would just jump off a building.