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The "e" Game


Tony and Bill talk food | starring Tony & Bill


TONY: Do you want a sandwich, Bill? :bread::bacon::cucumber::green_salad::hugs:
BILL: Nah, I’m good.
TONY: That’s not normal of you. You OK Bill? You sort of look sickly. How’s your stomach doing?
BILL: My stomach is good, but, now I’m in a bad mood.
TONY: Bad mood? Hmm, That’s an odd symptom. How long ago did that start?
BILL: As soon as you said I look sickly! I’m not sick at all, Tony!
TONY: Oh, wow, um, I’m so sorry!
BILL: Haha! Gotcha Tony! I was kidding, silly! I’m not in a bad mood, I’m actually just ultra sick. Achoo!

TONY: :unamused:




This is gold. :sweat_smile:


wow just wow


Pfft. This isn’t so hard.




Looks as if Bill got snot All on Tony’s sandwhich, LOL.


u said e twice though


bring this back :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


What is up with this brick of macaroni and guac it’s not working :cheese::avocado::hammer:


Smooooth :laughing:


Thank you! :grinning:


h- :smiling_imp:
oh wait i can’t say that


Y’all still doing this???


All day :wink:


hah, this is cool!


I was told that I couldn’t do this by my cousin. Look who’s wrong now lol


good morning :wink:


good day to you all


I could go for Halal food Right about now.