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The "e" Game


no you said th [E]! i made the same mistake lol it’s okay


it is now good


coolio 8char


You guys talk funny haha


no u lol haha got u


lmaooo ripp


lol i such a mlgg


I was picking up my cousin from an airport last month, was found first as my hair is bright and not hard to find.

Darn it, I can’t say my own hair colour!


It’s actually rally asy to do this. Lik, what’s th problm? This art took yars to prfct. Prais m.


I’m just going to sit and laugh at this stuff

Did I do it??


My mom thinks that I’m an asshat…


Your mom gay


no u :no_mouth:


Dang yoshr with a DANK roast


Not a first for most watching this :sweat_smile:


Hi, I am in this part of our forum again. Hoping to put a flag down. This is mui difficil though. A lot of hard ground to push the stick through, to allow the flag to stand up. How I talk sounds sort of similar to a human who is drunk. This sucks XD


Man, I can’t wait for the app though.


You can say that again


i’m not too good at this


Nah, I think your posts look amazing!