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The "e" Game


You cannot top this story. 50,000 words, without our typographical symbol. “Gadsby”


Okay I will actually try now. Once upon… Darn. Never mind.


Sup y’all is this how you play.


yall think im lit dont you?


I am hungry today



I can’t wait for V2. I’m looking forward to it.


I wish @dom would inform us on how V2 is doing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can say that this isn’t too difficult …


I can not fathom how you all can do an activity which is so insurmountably difficult.


i know right lmao wtf fam


I am anxious about this now… stop, por favor


You may not carry a torch now
And I might not know your mind
But the two of us talking of battling
Always brings us back to that night
A win was almost in sight
A sword-clanging, floor-scuffing fight
A victor shining in morning’s light
Glorious, without blight

(That’s all I got. Wish I could create more context, but I’m out of non E words for the morning.)


ok I’m going to try this (look I didn’t fail!)


Idk how or what I’m doing in this, but it works…


Wait what


Line 4. “me”


you alright dawgg?


This is hard guys


Not anymore thanks for the heads up tho


Today was an amazing day I saw many birds fly in the air and how they circled around to find food
*Gotta admit I had to backspace a ton :joy: