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The "e" Game


im gonna win da ting


guys, this isn’t funny at all. Jk it’s hilarious!!!


Thumbs down smhhhhh


Holy shit I thought this was anotha post lmao


Too bad I can’t say…you know :sweat_smile:


what an oooof


#Hyp34Byt3 lol



im stuck





Ah oh no I missed for first e, lol. Brb gotta edit my comment now. :joy:


Im still going


It is a good day isn’t it fam?


If youth, throughout all history, had a champion to stand up for it; to show a doubting world that a child can think; and, possibly, do it practically; you wouldn’t constantly run across folks today who claim that “a child don’t know anything.” A child’s brain starts functioning at birth; and has, amongst its many infant convolutions, thousands of dormant atoms, into which God has put a mystic possibiliA glorious full moon sails across a sky without a cloud. A crisp night air has folks turning up coat collars and kids hopping up and down for warmth. And that giant star, Sirius, winking slyly, knows that soon.


Today I bought , a doughnut, croissant and pizza with my Shopping.


Props on writing all of that my guy


Grammar 10,000,000%


“Oh my god who did this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Put it out. His first thought was strong though too slow. His plan was to grill out and display a grand swath of fish on croissants with fruit parfait to finish. Now just an abrupt gush on a burning portion. Just put it out and hand Jan a fragrant small wick. It couldn’t hurt anything. It wouldn’t stop what was going to occur. A shack would still burn down. Jan would still abandon him. Having Jan hold a tiny bit of his guilt, a touch of his stupidity was not a solution. It was all that David could finally do.


LOL i just found that on googl3


Ignoring all things thrown at him, Ryan’s jump toward a bright sky was known by all. His shining soul, burning harsh, took nobody without a jolt to their savvy conscious.

And ryan hit the ground and hurt his arm.