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The byte Community Awards - June 2019!

The byte Community Awards!

Hello there, everyone! :wave:
My name is arf and today is a day of wonder
of magic…

and of recognition… … … …

It’s time for the third installment in our series, ‘The byte Community Awards!’
@ryanmccarley, @annam, and I have all worked together (be it they did most of the work :eyes: :sweat_smile:) to assemble a big thank you letter to the most active members of the community, and of course you all, really couldn’t do it without ya :stuck_out_tongue:

as per usual:
Disclaimer: This award series isn’t an attempt to divide the forums and make users compete against each other, but is a celebration of how far we have come since the announcement of V2. We understand most of you are disappointed as you did not receive the beta yet. We’d like you to consider this ‘ceremony’ as an appreciation for all your hard work and dedication.

Now then, first on our list with “Likes Received!” These fine forum fanatics ferociously find fabulous… uh… sentences to um… entertain us. umwht
that doesn’t sound right.

uh… anywayyy…

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, scoring the prestigious bronze, we have @midn8ght (pronounced midnate) with 1,977 likes! I’m assuming this awesome dude’s name is ‘midn8ght’ because he’s always stays up late thinking of new replies every minute :sunglasses:

:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, riding the silver stallion, we have @Daniel with 2,124 likes! Ideas, jokes, etc… This guy’s got it covered. Really appreciate this guy, can’t wait to see what else he has to post in the future! granted he’s still not beating me in likes :rage::rage::rage:

:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @jaydel with 2,738 likes! You all might remember her from the earlier days, but she’s made a HUGE comeback :eyes::eyes::eyes: Sitting at the number one spot for the month, she’s really made some people happy making her return as the same kind and charming person she used to be. Thanks jay :smile:

Next up on our list, is “Likes Given”! These people have so much love that they just can’t contain it… So they use it to spread their enjoyment here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @mortmort with 2,192 likes! Playing minecraft on a trackpad, mort may possible have one of the greatest names of all time. mortmortmortmortmormortmormort. very fun to say indeed. :+1:

:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @alleyredd with 3,241 likes! An aspiring actress and byte creator, Alley definitely has a lot of charisma and is willing to share it with us! Thank youuuu for that!

:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @Fvidz1 with 3,811 likes! This guy has given the most likes 3 months in a row. Not much more I need to say! :cowboy_hat_face:

Our third award category is “Topics [created]!” These bois have a lot to say, and do it boldly too. Thank you for your contribution to making the forum a better place to talk, guys. First up!:

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @carson with 22 topics this month! Known as “the brother” by some, and an epic gamer by others, Carson definitely has left his mark on this forum by making very creative threads unknown to man before! … Can we turn this Topic Machine cars-off ??? hahaaa very funny i know im epic

:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @Daniel with 29 topics this month! Idea after idea… they just don’t stop coming… :cold_sweat:

:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @billauckland with 61 topics this month! A literal topic legend with a last name that is a place from New Zealand, he may have created the most topics in this forum’s history. pretty epic if you ask me :blep:

The next category is “Replies”!

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @Daniel with 312 replies! 3rd time on here image
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @midn8ght with 334 replies! it’s still past his bedtime :rage:

:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @billauckland with 573 replies! Thank you for that, good billiam. Your work is appreciated. b1

For the “Viewed” category!

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @C1ement333 with 470 topics viewed!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @taemint67 with 613 topics viewed!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @mortmort with 1,242 topics viewed! mortmort is still very fun to say.

Thank you all for reading so much, I don’t know if I could even scratch your guys’s numbers these days :cold_sweat:

Final award given out, is the “Read” award!

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @midn8ght with 7153 read!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @mortmort with 7188 read!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @FaizalDawx with 8176 read!

I would make some kind of quip but I’m fresh out of ideas :nerd_face:

second to lastly, some honourable mentions! @ShawdGawd, @B.C.MacNation, and @FatJesusMan! These three are a really cool bunch who are so genuinely positive and supportive, and I really, really appreciate that.

Now then, lastly, we have the Overall Forum Activity (30 days) ! Before we get into it, thank you again to all the members who talk and interact on here, or even just lurk at the very least. You are the people who make any of this possible in the first place.

and so:

  • 374 topics created
  • 8,570 posts created
  • 364 new users
  • 1,294 Active users
  • and finally; 34,882 likes!

Closing note: i’m sorry if you weren’t mentioned up there, but it’s ok. next time can be different! hope to see some rising numbers next time! and most importantly, thank you all so much for reading.

See you all next time!


Btw i would give some of you guys a byte of a cookie but it got stale :\

you can always check out this really cool album filled with epic video game music that i’m posting here for no reason though : p


Bruh I thought I got mod


Why would you think that


Imma dip now :frowning:


this is really cool, mainly because im in it :eyes:


i thought i got expert :eyes:


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i almost cant wait 44 mins to like this post


Can we just call it “The Arf Awards”


I thought the expert purge started :sweat_smile:


The Arfies


2nd place for viewing! Wow, thanks! :open_mouth::smiley::sparkling_heart:


3rd place for viewing! It is awesome to see the Byte Community engaging in conversations and also I love to read them. :heart:


toby fox - fallen down from undertale is a really good song but not my favorite from the game


this one was actually an older iteration before undertale came out, but ye I love it. I think Reunited is my favorite song from the soundtrack personally


AYE!! My boi @arf hosting the awards this time! Shout out to everybody…love this community.
AND I can’t wait until we all can link up and collab on Byte. Congratz to you forum winners. :muscle:


In the words of Will Smith, “that’s hot. that’s hot.” Thanks @arf ! :joy::heart:


Yes @arf! Welcome to the team, this is some great stuff man.


i freakin love shaun the sheep