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The Byte Community Awards – April 2019


Good day everyone! Welcome to an unofficial award ceremony called ‘The Byte Community Awards’!

Thanks to the surge of activity following the news of the beta, I, along with @ryanmccarley, have decided to post shoutouts to those who have contributed the most to the forum as of this month. Not only will this include our inspiring forum stars, but will contain general forum activity, which is a team effort from all of us. Provided these are well-liked, they will be posted monthly by either Ryan or I.

Disclaimer: This award series isn’t an attempt to divide the forums and make users compete against each other, but is a celebration of how far we have come since the announcement of V2. We understand most of you are disappointed as you did not receive the beta yet. We’d like you to consider this ‘ceremony’ as an appreciation for all your hard work and dedication.

Firstly, we have our ‘likes received’ awards. These users never fail to make others laugh, always provide guidance and are generally charming overall. Here are our top 3:

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @Benf with 1487 likes!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @Daniel with 2462 likes!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @midn8ght with a staggering amount of 2545 likes!

Well done to you guys! Although charming is a bit of a stretch…

Next up, we have our ‘likes given’. These guys prefer to show their support to other users by simply pressing the heart button. Aww, we :heart: you guys.

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @Cynthia with 2113 likes given!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @ryanmccarley with 2996 likes given!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @Fvidz1 with an astonishing amount of 3473 likes given!

Huge congrats to you lovely lot!

The next awards are for those who can generate a discussion easily (cries in socially awkward):

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @FatJesusMan with 28 topics this past month!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @Lxnria with 31 topics this past month!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @billauckland with an insane amount of 44 topics this past month!

Now we have the most replies… You guys love to get involved in discussions, and frequently guide people when they need support:

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @billauckland with 406 replies!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @Daniel with 515 replies!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @midn8ght with 637 replies! That’s over 21 replies everyday! And you wonder why everyone tells you to be quiet…

Moving on to those who have viewed the most topics! These members love to see what’s going on in the community, and always make sure that the topics are appropriate and generate a positive response:

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @ryanmccarley with 635 topics viewed!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @amylin with 835 topics viewed!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have @midn8ght with 960 topics viewed! You’re on a roll, Alex!

And now for our final awards… This goes out to the people who have devoted their time to reading posts and ensuring they are appropriate:

:3rd_place_medal:: In 3rd place, we have @chad with 11,751!
:2nd_place_medal:: In 2nd place, we have @ryanmccarley with 13,280!
:1st_place_medal:: In 1st place, we have (through no surprise) @midn8ght with 14,488!

Now please! Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see your tag among those lists… We have some honourable mentions:

I’d like to thank @alleyredd for her continuous positive responses. Your non-stop positivity brightens up my day, and seeing such lovely replies remind me of how amazing this community really is.

Secondly, I’d like to honour @christyonce! If you don’t follow her byte, you’ll be missing out! She is so funny and has great flair. Keep doing you, girl!

Finally, I’d like to show @ShawdGawd some respect. Although I can’t recall having a discussion with you personally, I have seen your responses enough to know how much of an awesome guy you are.

Now on to forum activity. You may be thinking: ‘It’s not over yet?!’ … Well of course it isn’t! We are so powerful as a community. Thanos has nothing on us!

I’m going to keep this very brief as my hands hurt from typing too much… I’m pretty sure I heard something crack.

Overall forum activity:

  • The amount of topics we have created this month has gone up to 662
  • The amount of posts created this month is 11.5K, which is also an increase
  • We also have a boost in daily engaged users, with 113 overall
  • Most popular topic of the month: Testing season is upon us

Again, apologies if you were not mentioned. The honourable mentions were chosen based on whether we feel that you have impacted the forum positively, whilst the individual awards were based on data shown on the ‘user’ page.

Keep this up! We’d love to see newer tags on next month’s awards.

Thanks guys! We’ll see you next month (hopefully)!


If you read all of this, you get a byte of cookie.


My Award is a byte of a cookie :cookie:


Would be very cool if these were badges :eyes: Also if people read my posts like cami’s then the dan hafmann thread would be top and you know it


Great to know we are appreciated. I love you and @ryanmccarley! Thank you to both.


Thank you, I’d like to thank all of you and my mom :sparkling_heart::trophy:


I have four awards :heart:


Ok, no need to boast :joy:


ben says that the most popular thread was made in march…


ily :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Ok Alex chill


Awwww this is so sweet! Thank you @annam :hugs:


Congrats to everyone who got an award and a cookie


17 38 :eyes:

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This would not hold up in court

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neither would ‘we just talk for banter’


Awww thanks girl , :heart: congrats all


Awwww, nice idea to keep doing this. :heart::heart:


Thank you, I would like to thank God, Jesus, and God 2.

Seriously though I have fun making post and talking to you all, so thank you guys for being an amazing community <3


Awwwwww this is so sweet and such a nice idea! Also thank you for the honour, I feel so honoured girrrrl :sob: ! I don’t want to thank only god, but also jesus.
This is honestly the best community ever, even though I haven’t made any friends yet (yeah I have been here since the very beginning and lurking 24/7 but it’d be like that when you’re shy af :laughing: ). But just seeing the positivity on here puts a smile on my face everyday!
Also congrats to everyone, yall rock and I can’t wait to see everyone’s content on byte :heart:!!! Imma shut the hell up now, cause this is starting to become too long and cheesy :laughing: