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The byte algorithm


Hey guys I’m curious.
How the byte algorithm will work ? Is it going to be like Instagram or is going to work chronologically like Instagram used to be.
I’ve read some things here and there about the algorithm but is not completely clear,
And if you don’t know, tell me how would you like the algorithm to be.


Oh man I hope it’s not gonna be like Instagram

I absolutely despise Instagrams algorithm with every fiber in my body.

Chronological is the way to goo


I hope is chronological too, that way the smaller creators have more chance.
I hate the Instagram algorithm lol.


i briefly remember dom talking about how much he hated weird algorithms that post old content with the new stuff

i assume it will be chronological for the most part


Thanks, I really hope is chronological


I’m praying for chronological. I got so mad when instagram made the switch.


There’s also this thread here. Plz use the magnifying glass at the top right to search for existing topics!




Maybe it would be good if you had options to choose from. You could turn on chronology or algorithmic.


I hope it will be chronological


That is a really good idea !!!


Agreed! noice work afrodynasty, u been killin’ with the ideas recently


Or 2 tabs like on Facebook

Where one tab is Most Recent and the other is “You might like”. Etc


I’d like chronological. This way, people will see the posts, the second they get uploaded, rather than some algorithm based on if the computer thinks they’re good or not.


Hope it’s chronological algorithm, that’d be great.


GIVE US that chronological Dom! K ty✔️


yes pLEASE be chronological


chronological is the only way plz and thx


I think the most logical way to go is an order that’s both algorithmic and chronological. You don’t want day old posts to surface over something an hour old, but algorithmic often enhances the usage time on a platform


@QuintenHyde while that’s true, Bytes are super short. I’m sure with the amount of content people will make, usage time shouldn’t be an issue.