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The best time to post bytes


I had this question for like few weeks but I couldn’t ask it. There had been some discussions about this but I wasn’t really clarified. And according to few, morning & afternoon were some best intervals to post as most of the people start their day glancing through some social medias and so in their free time.
But my question is What would be the best time to post new bytes depending on the TIME ZONES? I mean, How can you really know it as time zones differ from one place to another? For instance, I live in India and if I post regular bytes every morning, that might not even be seen by Americans or any other viewers from other side of the world… So, I might lose a great source of views. What’s your point on this? How to figure out this issue?
*My apologies if this has already been discussed and please be kind enough to post that link.


good question!

judging from the best time to post on youtube, being anything from 7pm-9pm GMT time, maybe this could be the same on byte?

here’s a thread with a good discussion about this: Uploading Schedule

feel free to reply to it to spark up the conversation again! :blush:


also found this one, but only has a few replies. may be worth reading: What is the best time to post?


That’s converts to 12am-2am in India! Sounds like pretty good to me🤔 Btw thanks alot😄


oh wow that’s very late :open_mouth:

as someone said…maybe just test it out and see what works best. byte will pretty much be very active when it’s first released so any time of posting will do fine


hopefully byte can have insights like the instagram business console has.

It shows you where your audience are and what times they are most active
(so you can judge when to post)


Yk, I thought like it won’t be any problem for me to be online at that time… But that would even mean that I might not be able to concentrate on Indian viewers if I post after 12 as they might act as my main source of view…
I totally agree with you. It might be the proper way to test that🤔


Oh I love this feature of Instagram! Hope Dom might include it in Byte as well


Insights would be cool. I’ve been using the business ones for Instagram, as well as some others from third party apps which have been really helpful.

Best time to post is when your audience is most likely on the app. If your audience is 15 year olds, those times will be slightly different than if your audience is 30 year olds.

Usually a safe bet is lunchtime or evening.


what i would do (or what i am doing) is making a social media account to showcase what your bytes will be like


i think the best time to post personally is 8PM GMT because roughly everyone is awake by then


They say that the best time to post is in the morning and I think that not any morning from any place in the world, i think that you should post when it’s 7-8 Am in the USA. You should check at what time is 7-8 am in the Usa where you live and post it.


you’ll get a feel of when your prime posting time should be once you have a stable audience. :blush: it can be slightly different for everyone. For me, it’s around 8pm CT that my IG posts do best.