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Thanks for being real friends. (Important)


Thanks for being real friends.

I had a mental breakdown (I think) today because I HATE college and school, and the people there are just fake… a lot of people do drugs there and I’m like, WTF?! I had 100 followers on my main Instagram, now I have 30. What is the point of having them if they don’t even like you.

I try to make my pictures look professional because I actually go out with my tripod and I take my time with it! People look at me and they probably think "what is that ugly motherfu*ker doing, (joking, I think I’m cute). I’m being creative with my time, that’s what! So yeah, I removed them from my life, and I don’t do drugs to solve my problems! I wait it out!

I don’t know when I’m leaving college, May, July, but there is too much work, TOO much and I had a really bad panic attack because I was going to be a little late, I had to wake up straight away instead of slowly waking up, and I cried my way to college because what is the point of being stressed when I hate it there, I dunno why I care, I shouldn’t. I’m fine now but, I can’t wait for Byte and what it could do for a lot of people. Thank you for being out there, you all are real friends. :slight_smile:

(My friend Daniella has been the most real to me IRL too. Thank you, friend.)


Thank you man. Anytime at all :facepunch:


I’m going through some shit at college rn too. Loads of fake people.


College is honestly so stressful. I have so much coursework and it’s tearing me apart.


Keep doing you! Who cares what other people think when you’re taking your photos. At least you’re doing something you enjoy while they’re all just standing there and watching you work your magic. Muggles don’t quite understand what wizards do :wink:

I hope ur leaving college plans go successfully as well :blush:


Hey there. I’m glad to hear that you don’t do drugs. :+1: If you want, instead of dropping out of college, you can always switch to online classes, it might be less stressful. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just be yourself and don’t ever give a flying f*ck about what other people may think about you. :heart:


I like the fact that no matter what you keep going. Never stop and remember that people opinions don’t matter and don’t define who you are, so once again just fuck it.


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Oh and…I’ve finished editing…something you might like to see tomorrow, so yeah, stick around.




Boo, its gonna be okay. just do you! <3


I went through the same thing and I know it’s easy said but it REALLY gets better! Just hold on and don’t give up :slight_smile:


I know it will get better, I just have to wait.


We’ll always be there for you. Go, follow your heart and do what you think is great for you