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Thank you!


thank YOU dom you are litteraly bringing back one of the only good things in this world and you are giving hope to thousands of people!


YES! I’m super stoked for this!


So excited for this to be off the ground. So much hyyyype


I will follow you to the very end and even if you choose to drop it all I will support you if YOU think it’s a good idea. That’s the most we can ask of anyone is that they try. <3 thank you for not giving up on it.


Yep excited for this!


no thankyou :innocent:


You’re doing amazing so far, good luck!


My Point Still Stands


me too and thank you again for doing cool stuff. let’s

goooooooooooo teeeeeeaaaaaam


Keep up the good work dom!


Will there be a new beta signup soon?


can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


It’s ok big d (big dom)


I have seen the message concerning the beta literally 2 minutes after it came out, I did not respond cause I’m not interested in any beta whatsoever.


Yo thx again


Next, thought I’d end up with…


We’re A L L in T H I S togeeeetherrrr


No, thank YOU! :slight_smile:


Yes I’m so excited


be ready guys!