the byte community forums

Thank you!


So amped for this. Thanks, Dom!




I m soooooo fuckin Excited


Daje Daje Daje


We believe in you and the team @dom, could not be more excited !!


Love the name, its catchy. This is the future!


Wow! It’s really happening, thanks Dom for continuing this project, I am super excited and hyped. Byte will definitely be a great app.


The Hype is real. Byte is real. LEGENDRY.


tseries better not join askfghdjakljsdlkfajj


So excited for the app. Thanks Dom!


Yes! I’m so excited!!! Thank you!


Thank you for doing this dom! If anyone can develop the next big social media app IT’S YOU


the hero the world needs and deserves, all hail the dom


we are all super excited and can’t wait!



So excited for Byte and so glad you chose to keep going! I know the community here encouraged you to keep going, but know that you choosing to keep going encourages us! Cannot wait for what’s ahead!


No! Thank you for giving the best of you to make this project possible, we’re all sooo excited! #byters


One word, Sick


Thank you for sticking with it Dom, so excited :smile:


Wow I lasted all my hopes when I saw postponed project. But now I’m so happy :smiley:


Hopefully byte can be released as soon as possible because facebooks lasso and tiktok are taking over