the byte community forums

Thank you!


You’re very very welcome!! I’m very honored to be a part of this wonderful community!! I’m super excited for Byte! :smile:


Love you Dom thanks for not letting us down! Hype for Byte!


Thanks man!


I’m gonna be honest even when dark times where upon us I had my doubts but I never gave up and look at us now!


Thank you Dom, just thank you. This is all you and your amazing team, and now you guys are finally pulling it off. I’ve said it before, but I kinda want to say it again lol: I’m not missing out on something like this!


Looking forward to it!


Y’all we really did THAT. Thx dom for being a skinny legend my wig is SO pigmented rn


you’re the bees knees


ACTUALLY. Thank you ! DOM. you have given us a chance of lifetime. And we’ll all make sure that we all make the most out of it!. Thank you so much for not giving up dom. #hypeforbyte


No… Thank you, good sir, for not giving up on this beautiful creation.


Much love, Dom :heart: can’t wait to see what great things byte will bring :slight_smile:


I believe that it is us who are supposed to thank you for everything you have done. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the nearby future!


:heart::heart: can’t wait!


This is amazing! Thank you so much for sticking with us! We will do our best for the community and the betterment of this project’s future!! :smile::smile::smile:


Thank you for never giving up on this community and giving them something to look forward to for all these past few months. You inspire me as a content creator and as an aspiring engineer in so many ways. :slight_smile:


!!! I love this so much! By the way, you should totally ban that idiot that said that this was never gonna happen…:joy::joy:


No, thank you! Keep up the great work!


Mr dom , can you adress the v2app thats going around on the google playstore which is fully funtional like vine


I believe he has already addressed it as a fake app multiple times…


Yessss, I’m so stoked this is happening :laughing: Thanks for pushing through and making this possible Dom. We’re excited to see Byte :slight_smile: