the byte community forums

Thank you!


We’re happy to be here supporting :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you so much Dom. Patience is always rewarded!


Yay! Thank YOU Dom!

Excited to test out the new app! :love_letter:

:instagram: @MrSharkey


Thanks can’t wait to make new memories on the app. So excited for beta testing to come out.


cannot wait to be apart of this! waiting on that beta news now… :+1:


AHHH. Can’t wait! :raised_hands:t3:


We never gave up hope Dom :sob: thank you for being so real with us about this. We love ya & can’t wait to hear more about what you’ve been up to!


I’m so excited for the future! Glad I could help make an impact, no matter how small that impact was.


thank you Dom cant wait to try out the new v2 when it comes out


Im so excited to see what the turn out will be!!


Thank you for not giving up :sunny: Exciting times are happening!


You cannot believe how you’ve turned my pretty negative day to easily one of my best days in the past few months! @dom I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy, I literally can’t stop smiling :joy::heart:



My day was stressful until I heard this, thank you dom❤


Thank you so much for providing a platform for such an awesome community! :heart:


Thank you so much, Dom. We’ve all waited patiently and we just have to wait a little while longer, which is no problem for us. Very excited and grateful for this opportunity.


Love u Dom


Thank you Dom for not giving up on it! We really appreciate all the hard work you have done, including the team!


We couldn’t give up hope since our community was already so strong. It’s way stronger now.
Thank you for not giving up on us or on the project although it took a lot out of you. I truly commend you for continuing.

Can’t wait for next year x


Honestly Dom, this is a major thank you to YOU. The fact that you are doing this project just amazes me and the community you have crafted worldwide also contributes to my feelings for you. I’m very glad to be a part of this and thank you for not only having my voice be heard but other’s as well. Thank you so much Dom.


Very exciting, Dom! Great work so far!