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Thank you friends!


Hey all. Thank you for being awesome. You guys are awesome. This forum is awesome.

I seriously feel like we’re close friends here, just talking about stuff, so THANK you for that!

Well anyway… who’s ready for that positivity to start flowing back in? Anyone?!!

thanks u guys, y’all rock like a boulder


Me :hugs: Thank YOU for being awesome!!


well you’re totally awesomer!!


haha no u


Aww this is so cute. Thanks to you as well, you’re extremely positive and funny :heart:


We are friends and thanks for being so kind and cool to me and everyone else


no u x


no u @arf


I felt skeptical joining this forum at first because I didn’t think I was gonna gain anything out of being here. I really wasn’t expecting to meet anyone and think “Okay, I NEED to meet this user in person” (won’t say any names, but I’m sure they know who I’m talking about). This community is beyond words. I’m super thankful for getting the opportunity to be here. I probably wouldn’t be a happier person if I never found this place.

On a different note, it saddened me seeing this community fall in a large spiral of disappointment, hate, and sadness just from hearing that v2 might not come as soon as expected. I really hope we can return to the happiness that dominated the forums.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who stayed positive throughout this period of time. It’s people like you who can make the world a better place, and I’m sure you will eventually.

Thank you. :blush: :heart:
(sorry this is so long, I just have a lot on my mind haha)


Thank you yoshr I know you mean me (: we’ve never talked before so lol


Goddamn @arf dropping truth bombs like his life depends on it. Much love.

Kane out.


Haha well, it’s nice to meet you. Also…

Can I tease you about v2’s release? Idk I just feel like you’d be okay with that. :wink:




@Yoshr, you just make me love the character Yoshi even more :smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as big as I just did reading a sentence before. That makes me so happy! :blush:


awwwww! this is a really nice thread! I love all you people!