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I want to start a possibly moving conversation and i know a lot of people come to the forums everyday whether your lurking, actively contributing, or just waiting for @dom to say something about “V2”. I come to the forums everyday to contribute and lift up hopes even my own. My mother believes that life has only one set path i disagree. I was young when Vine was popular so i never really knew about it until i got older, and it had already died. When their were rumors of “V2” i took the opportunity and got involved. I believe that dreams are your destiny and Iv’e had many including my current one with “V2”, if you think this is your dream explain what brought you here and why you know your going to succeed.

Take this with a grain of salt

I came here because I had regrets as to what I did when Vine was around. It was that I barely did anything. I didn’t really make any good content, just whatever I could do at the moment. I spent most of the time watching other people’s videos, gaining inspiration for when I would actually make good videos. But right when I had decided to actually do that, Vine shut down. I was a little upset, and full of regretfulness. But then I heard that the creator of the original Vine (@dom) has teased a potential successor to the app, something that was known as “v2.” I also noticed that Dom had opened up some sort of forums for people to get to know each other and come up with ideas as the app came to be. So I decided to give this place a shot. And now, all these months later, I realize just how much this place means to me. I’ve met some really, really nice people here, and I’ve grown some rather strong friendships with said people (you guys know who you are). I’ve decided to come to the forums every day, even if it’s just to lurk around, but otherwise I’m here to, like you said Justin, lift up other’s hopes about their dreams and things. These forums are definitely a place I’ll never forget, as well as the friends I’ve made here. You all mean so much to me, and I’m very thankful I decided to join (despite being a little shy at first). I still have hope that whatever v2 is eventually comes to be!

Sorry for this being so long haha. Thanks if you read through it all. :blush:


To be honest, I came here to snatch a good username :joy:


you sure you don’t wanna tell the whole reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was pre-college/going to college when v*ne got really big - similarly to @Yoshr I wasn’t heavily involved in content creation, I was mostly there for the Good Content we all know and love. I couldn’t stay away when I heard about the forums, and the people here have really inspired me to dig deep and think about what sort of content I would like to put out there. I haven’t been able to be on here as much as I would like lately, which is unfortunate, but I love it here and would not give up this experience for anything.


i was pretty lonely and i know a lot of people who collabed on v*ne became great friends and i came on here to build some friendships :slight_smile:
(and secure a good username as @motocross said lol)


Honestly, I just wanted to have a shot at stardom. I loved vine but i was 13-14 at the time so I really couldn’t contribute. I’m still hopeful :grinning:


I guess I just really didn’t want to miss being part of something so big, like I had for a number of other things. I have a lot of regretted decisions, and I didn’t want to hesitate anymore. I even waited over a month to join because I was really shy at first(with the internet and all). But I’m actually very glad I joined, and have seen some really good people who in some aspects I hope to be like. Not to mention I was really getting into Vine at the time, and was thinking again on what I missed out on. I also really was interested in this community and wanted to contribute a lot. Hopefully i did :grimacing:

I’m really thankful to the people who were nice to me and shared their stories as well. Thank you guys


The main reason why i started vine was mainly so simple, short, easy to make loops, and my favorite parts; No tags needed! What i despise about instagram, and youtube, and more social medias is that the best way to get likes and views is by typing tags over and over and over again. At some points, i wanted to quit youtube and other things. But you can get a decent following on vine without any tags whatsoever. And i agree with what @yoshr said. My content was awful. They were so all over the place, and im pretty sure i stole some jokes. I was very young at the time, and, i dont know how to explain this without offending someone, but my “content” was cancer. And at the time I knew my stuff was bad. but I kept going. But one fateful day, the best day, my dream came true!- just kidding. I was never going to improve until I was of older age. 1/2


2/2 So once v2/blurple/idunno releases, i will actually EDIT the videos, or do what I’ve been planning. animation videos. earlier I mentioned youtube, and i used to $h#Tpost on youtube. then i tried vlogging. THEY WERE ALL CRINGE. but i found a breakthrough. animation. animation was where i found my genre of youtube. so when “v2” releases, my account will have animation shorts. Thank you for your time!


I’ll write my story for today. I woke up, went to my new apartment (there’s no anything there). I placed the bed and bought some wine. I have beautiful view from my apartment and I enjoy listen to the music with my JBL speaker. I’m looking for new speaker reviews at reviewposition and I’m thinking do I want to have a date tonight. That’s my brilliant story.