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Tag, you're it!


Tag a brilliant creator who you want to succeed. When they are tagged, they have to tag someone else:

@Parkachu, Tag you’re it!

How do you guys see each other on the forums

@Jaydel @dweb @parkachu You’re it! :joy:


O shoot thank you!! hmmm @RelationshipGoals you’re it!!


@krishtalclearr, you’re it!


Woahhh hold up I have questions…

  1. Is everyone allowed to pick someone, regardless of whether you’ve been tagged?
  2. Can you be tagged twice?
  3. There is no 3, I was trying to be dramatic :confused:


Sorry about this, I follow the rules a lot (although my science teacher doesnt think so :grimacing:)


@Yoshidas you’re it!


@annam, to answer your questions:

  1. Of course :grinning:
  2. Yep
  3. Lol

Also @annam, tag you’re it!


Thanks :smile: @Yoshr @Breahcaleo You’re it!


AAH!! Well, thanks for thinking of me, @annam.

I know they’ve been tagged already, but I’m gonna tag @Yoshidas, because I will be upset if they don’t succeed.


@Reallyahmed and @mason_paper, you’re it!


Thanks! I wasn’t at my computer today so I can’t see who else is on it soooooo tag your it @motorcross


I think you meant @motocross XD


@arf @Arlin




AHAHAHAAHAHA I love this! @jaydel you’re it!!


@arf you’re it!!!


@annam @Reallyahmed @Drxpo @Arlin I think everyone has been tagged


uhhhh UUhhhUUUUHHH @jennifer YOU’rE IT!!!


This game is too fun!