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Tacos or Quesadillas?


Now before we start :laughing: just know that I LOVEEE both! But… you read the title, decide… GO!

  • Tacos
  • Quesadillas

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Is it called quesadilla bell
argument over


buhahaha :joy::joy:


taco bell has stolen my heart :tear:


To be honest Taco Bell is super bad


Ok its not that bad, but like is an “American taco” if you know what I mean


that is the truest statement ever :joy:


You can do soooo much with a taco. I had fish tacos the other day and they were sooooooo TASTY!:yum:


Make yourself a gosh darn Quesadilla napoleon!

~Napoleon dynamites grandma


Tacos allll the wayyyy


I live on the border of the US and Mexico, so I can get a lot of authentic Mexican food. I like tacos because they’re very customizable, but I chose quesadillas because they’re easier to make :joy:


i will admit making a quesadilla is quicker :laughing:


But is it tastier though ? :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Tacos, but I eat quesadillas for every meal because they’re easier to make


Tacos but i could always go for a quesadilla


Tacos are tastier (in most cases) though


The tacos you get to eat at the USA are not real tacos. A true Mexican hace must have a soft tortilla not a crunchy one.