Sweatcoin influencer


I always wanted to be an influencer so I was hoping I could be one for sweatcoin

If you want to join, here’s my link —> https://sweatco.in/i/kendall122984


I usually don’t get into new things unless I have more info about the product, so here a few questions

How does it work? I know that you can make $ from steps (but I’m not sure how it’s done…), and this leads to making purchases (but what can you buy with your “cash”)


Well it tracks your movement & converts your steps into sweatcoins. There are offers in the marketplace there & those change daily or you could just buy an amazon or PayPal gift card (also in the marketplace)


This sounds like bitconnect. Let me just say that when I thought giving bitconnect my entire life savings was a good idea… well let’s just say it wasn’t. In fact I’ve lived in a box I painted red (for the coziness and it scares away mosquitos) for the past 3 months. Thanks BITTTCONNNEECCCTTTT!


I never heard or tried bitconnect, but sweatcoin is completely different


Good luck to you, I’m not physically active :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Thanks :joy:


What is that? Is a PayPal account?


No but you can buy a gift card for your PayPal account. It’s like cash, but without a card needed


I’m still on the fence about this type of thing


And the people (fans) Can donate, right?


Yeah they can send money




How can i retire that money? With a PayPal account or a card?


PayPal account


I don’t think I’m fit enough anyway :laughing:


I barely am myself, but my job requires me to walk to actually get to where I’m assigned


I want to be an influencer too,
can you all use my link & send me a message after if you want like a few sweatcoins x



You should stay away from crypto. Clearly you don’t even take time to read. 5 min on the bitconnect site for anyone with any brains would see it 100% scam.

Now back to the ability of reading.

What does sweatcoin have anything to do with bitconnect. 100% completely two different things.

Read and investigate before talking or investing