Surprise! The v2 on the App Store lied about owning the trademark!


Dom owns 3 trademarks with the following serial numbers: 87773200, 87773201, and 87773202.

You can search these numbers by doing these steps:

  1. Click this link.

  2. Click the “Search TESS” button.
    2a. Click “Basic Word Mark Search”.

  3. Change the field to “Serial or Registration number”.

  4. Search the numbers


Can’t wait for this app to crash once the official follow-up releases haha


Lol i know right


Can we do anything about them falsely claiming it?


I would assume Dom’s working on fixing that as we speak.


Idk dom said that a legal team is to much money rn so maybe he already has one?..idk


They could be the owners of the TM, Dom said from the beginning that v2 wasn’t gonna be the name of the app when it’s done.


He was apparently fighting over the trademark then aswell, which is why he said it won’t be called V2. Just a rumour tho


I think v2 was more of a temporary name, until he finds a name he an his staff likes.


dom clarified this to the experts yesterday: these are not his holdings, rather his requests. the database has yet to update that matter. i do believe dom has no official holding of any of those trademarks.