the byte community forums



Hey guys,

So I was checking reddit and there basically are 2 subreddits dedicated to Byte atm.



So I was wondering which one we should use. The r/byte on has one post by a moderator and it seems quite unprofessional and r/byte_app is completely empty.



probably neither lol im assuming if the byte team ever wants one they’ll figure it out!


the subreddit names are already claimed tho


reddit has a system where you can become mod if they’re all inactive


ohhh didn’t know


inactive for how long?


not sure exactly, google it theres a whole subreddit for it, think its like subreddit adoption or something


I’ve got a plan wink




I would be so down if there was an official byte reddit so sign me up :wave:t2:


Why would we need a byte reddit tho? :joy: That’s literally what the forums are for.


^this honestly


^^ yup this, also we’re good with the forums and the discord so yeah why to have a reddit :pancakes::yellow_heart:


^^^ exactly

(just going to start a little “^” game here…)


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thanks matt!


One downside of not having a reddit would be when people just dont want to join these forums and prefer reddit instead.
I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have the official byte reddit (even if we dont use it) just in case we want it in the future :slight_smile:


guyss reddit is great for advertising and we don’t need more people so go slow it means more competition. :joy: jk but really this forum is doing same job as reddit