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Starting up a regular “byte bulletin”


Two questions.
Will anything from the beta be wiped before the app is released fully to the public?

Will the usernames on the forums be implemented into the app in any way?


community plans snippet.


Is it possible for international people from Australia to do well on the app byte?


will there be an age restriction? :thinking:


defintely wanted to inquire about the significant quality of the app between both android and Ios… and if they’re similar… we dont want what happened to snapchat to occur for byte cus thats just tedious


hi! we’ve got you down as iphone. It was asked mostly out of curiosity, but iphone vs. android might matter.


Thank you for the response, appreciate it! :smile:


I’m in the same position @cami_p. I signed up with an android device, but use an iphone 6s now. Is it possible for my device to be updated?


hi, I just recently got a new phone but I’m still using Android. I do have an iPhone as well though :slight_smile:


yup, got you too

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