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Starting up a regular “byte bulletin”


When is byte coming out?

^ lots of people on the discord ask this and it’s getting annoying put them out of their misery


THIS! Hoping me being from the UK doesn’t ruin chances to be in the beta


Cool! Great idea, thanks :relaxed:


For usernames, will we have a display name like twitter? e.g.

Arfington the 28th II esq.

"@arf "


:announcement: you can drop the first byte bulletin now


Thanks for the bulletin! I think this is a great idea.

My question is: Is there a way to get into the beta even though I missed the thread by a day or two? I’ve been registered since before they came out. I’m sure a lot of people are in the same situation :sob:


video form, eh?


we know you want to post it cami cmon :smiling_imp:


Thanks for all the hard work!


Great! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Will Byte have ads within the app ?




I heard here on this forum that there will be monetization on byte, but will there be certain qualifications to be monetized?


announce the new mods with the byte bulletin thx
(because they’re coming really soon)


Will it exist in a future where BYTE holds conventions or meetings for Byters or Bytestars?
Rankings? = #1 of Mexico or #23 U.S.A somethin like that
ByteRewind? = “6 seconds in 2 minutes”


announce the new mods to everyone and beta info now xo


?: will all the people who commented on that post on this website still be put on the list for the public beta and get some sort of badge or crown when the app opens? :smile:


What about rebyte? I saw Dom tweeted something, but I was too late unfortunately…


Will there be a notification noise thats unique like snapchat?


(probably has been asked) will i be able to invite some of my boys to the beta? if so, during what phase?