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Starting up a regular “byte bulletin”


Lol sorry but I thought you were a maia that I know. Well anyways sorry bout that I’m kenkat.


Yass more updates as we go along is a good idea! It means we are getting closer…!


bump bump


What’ll be the agorithm like on the “explore page” (if there is one) and how easy would it be for a small byter to get their video up there?


I second this question as it’s the sole thing I worry about


Smore Questions:

Anything you can tell us about the verification system so far?
…If I take a name XYZ and someone has that name verified on another platform and wants it on byte, what happens?

Any news on ads/monetization?

Can handles be changed? (like on twitter)


What will the quality (1080p, 720p, etc.) of videos be like on the app and will the app offer seamless loops?


Will there be the option to upload video @ launch?


i know for a fact it’ll seamlessly loop, as dom has told us before. that’s why it’ll be 6.5 again


How will old vines being reposted be dealt with? People stealing others’ content?


Will there be a web-facing version of the app? If so, will we be able to post from desktop or will it be locked to in-app uploading only?


Which are the app stores that your team are going to put byte on? I’m aware you’re thinking of solely having byte up on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on launch day, but will you consider other stores such as the Microsoft Store or the XBOX App Store for the future?


Is byte gonna be launched in just few countries first or around the world at once?

And when will the Android Version of byte release compared to iOS release?


Would it be possible to pin a byte to the top of your feed like you do with tweets?


I remember cami or dom saying that the beta will be on both at the same time


Will byters have their own “Bitmoji” and on our profile, to link other social medias will there be an optional for an external link like tiktok has it for each social medias or we have to manually put our handles. Thanks for this opportunity.


Ahh! Thanks buddy, they said anything abt the countries case?


They said that they’ll try to go for a international release dont know what that means for beta tho


and will usernames be unique?


What kind of usernames?