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Starting up a regular “byte bulletin”


Will it be available for older android OS?


Great idea. Love to see how the videos are going to turn out!


Some questions you may or may not be able to answer

What’s the standpoint on meme/compilation pages joining byte like on instagram?
Copyright issues regarding content and music?


If someone signs up for the creator program will you email them if they got in and if they didn’t because I’m anticipating an email saying either or


Will we have to sign up in byte with our email or phone number?


Based on current progress and stage of the app, what’s the most likely month that the app will be released ? Thank you :heart: #Excited


If we have switched phone brands since the beta sign up, do we need to update that somehow? Or was the device type just asked out of curiosity? Thanks!

(I signed up for beta with an Android, but I have switched to an iPhone 6s.)


This isn’t really a specific question, but will you be able to shed some more light on what the creator program will look like?


Will there any official byte merchandise in the upcoming year/ ever?


more of a deep dive into what teams will be like :upside_down_face:


I’ve noticed that a lot of Vine compilations get copyright claimed by Collab.
Will Byte compilations have to deal with this issue? Or be claimed by a different company?


Will there ever be conventions or events hosted by the byte staff for creators to meet the teams developing the app ?


What measures/precautions/adjustments have you guys made to make sure that Byte doesn’t end like Vine did?


So my question is: If I replied to the sign up in twitter, how I know if I´m in?
And also I would want to know if there will be byte merch like there used to be on vine?


Byteback <—

  • Is there a specific plan or schedule to promote the app?
  • Has any big company reach out to be part of or try out the Beta?
  • How do you feel about re-creating an app that has been “recreated” already many times (Or tried to).
  • Regarding the last twitter Beta Sign Up, it was said and promised that next time you will make it so timing and luck wasn’t the main factor, is that still going to happen? And how will you do it?


Apologies if this has already been confirmed:

Will byte have an ‘in-app’ editor?



You mean vine… I mean Byte meetups


Sounds great!