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Starting up a regular “byte bulletin”


Hi friends,

We’re going to start handling our team updates a bit differently so that there’s a more predictable schedule/structure + a reliable way to get questions in front of us.

Our plan is to post a regular “byte bulletin” every 2-3 weeks, updating the community on our progress and answering your questions. We’ll select questions based on what we’re able to answer at the time, keeping in mind that some things will have to wait to be revealed.

The idea is to continue regular bulletins even after launch. Eventually we’d like to deliver them in VIDEO form, which we’re really excited about.

To submit a question for consideration in the next byte bulletin, put it down below!

And if you see that someone has asked a question you agree with, you can like it to upvote it.

We’ll address beta timing in the first byte bulletin, since we know that’s probably the #1 question right now!

Thanks for reading.

When do you guys believe, the first phase of the beta will be released?
Dry as the Sahara Desert 🌵
Any dates on next byte bulletin

Thank you for this! You have been really informative today.

My Question is: Are there time frames on when things will be said (i.e. progess on app, features)?


This would be great!


Will editors, such as funny editors who use copyrighted material (videos, music) be eligible for monetisation on byte? - Will that be a copyright issue?

Thanks! :blue_heart:


thanks for the update cant wait for the beta release will it be out before February


When I read shonzi.tho’s question I had one

How will monetisation on byte work?


How do you plan on “featuring” content creators? Or, rather, how do you guys want to distribute content on byte? I’m just curious because whatever goes on behind the scene really sets the tone for what the community produces :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: to clarify, I didn’t mean the mysterious creator program :ghost: — how do you want the app to organically promote new content. Algorithmically, a team handpicking awesome creations, etc


There will still be a “Re-Byte” button correct ? Just curious


big question.

byte rewind?


Release party!?!


Thank you so much :heart_eyes:


love the idea! great way to communicate with the community :slight_smile:


is the 24th the day :wink:


Relating to Sho’s question.

What is the copyright system going to work like in regards of music? (outside of monetisation)


One question:

How will Byte try and avoid the mistakes that its ‘predecessor’ arguably made?


Will there be a system on reserving usernames?


when’s the first byte bulletin :questionmark: LOL


Will there be fps from 24-60 available?


how will the usernames be? what will the character limits be (example: 1-35 characters)? what about underscores and periods, will they be allowed?


Will we be able to group together clips into “playlists”, or will our feed and profile both be single stream, reverse chronological only?