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Starting from scratch!


I have to aggree! Since V2 isn’t Vine we all should start from scratch!


Are you referencing this topic? Just curious.


I believe everyone should start from scratch but one thing to keep in mind is that the old viners will try and use their current social media to gain more traction.


i haven’t seen that, thanks!


You’re damn right boii


I think the flaw that some people had with the leaderboard idea was the people who get famous would always be there. But I haven’t read that thread recently so I don’t really remember.


Totally agree man, old viners shouldn’t get any advantages over newcomers to platform. First of all was cause it is new app and everyone should have the same amount of opportunity


That would be a horrible idea. Everyone should definitely have the same fresh start.


New app, New talent! (plus, It will hopefully keep out Lele pons!!!)


yea, Im pretty sure they’ve already banned Logan Paul on here lol


Nobody is banned from this app! :+1:


No, that was announced by a fake account. He isn’t banned


oh, okay, my bad. Thanks for informing me. :smile:


Agree completely. Though if it is for everyone, popular content creators outside the app will definitely still have a better head start. And I think it’s ok. Just need to keep it a conducive place for contents


It will be all sweet, everyone will start from 0 and progress forward with their own determination and work! :slight_smile:


no worries! A ton of other people thought it was legit too


I agree… also more people will go to their attention… starting from scratch makes it fair. We want to see new people make it. Not the same people… others deserve to get noticed.


Yea v2 gives a lot of artists that chance that they couldnt get for Vine. Thank you for bringing this up, its a good idea.


glad you agree


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