Starting from scratch!


I see a lot of people thinking about putting a crown on the users who used to be popular on vine, but I think that we should all start from scratch. I do not think that past viners should get a free ticket to V2 with a crown because other people are trying to make it big too. idk what do you guys think?


Agree completely


That is the idea with V2; everyone’s getting a fresh start on the platform


Everyone will have a chance. But famous exviners will be certified in just days. All their fans will follow them anyway.


I hope that people have a fair chance. The famous exviners are just gonna post stuff for their fans to follow them on their anyways, so it will be a little unbalanced. The only thing I can think of is if he has a beta and have all new users create vines for when it comes out. But @dom I’m sure is thinking of something


Everyone might start from scratch


Everyone of course is starting from scratch on the app, but anyone coming over from another social media platform is of course going to have an easier time transporting their following and raising numbers than most of us who are trying to harvest them on our own. Social media is a mangled web and they won’t get all of their followers over there, but they will definitely have some higher footing to start.

Don’t let that discourage you though, because there are two pieces of very good news:

  1. There are a LOT of people in this world, and there will be plenty of viewers to go around. Someone else getting 100k+ viewers won’t prevent you from doing the same
  2. Any “famous” person who makes the transfer over here will lose a LOT of followers. Definitely not 100% of their fans will download V2 and check them out. If anything, it’s also a good thing that they’re bringing over so many people in the first place, because once they have a V2 they’re going to want to watch more than just one artist! The more viewers and accounts on V2, the more we all benefit!


Too true


And even if they bring their following then there’s more people on the app and they might discover other new artists and prefer them


Starting from scratch for a fair advantage to everyone


Personally, I couldn’t care less about having an advantage on raising a follower count. I’ll have my friends, I’ll make some new friends, I’ll find old friends lost, and I’ll just do my thang. And the number will be what ever it decides to be.


I completely agree. but I suppose if celebrities join, should they be crowned?


I agree. As much as we love the V1 celebrities that came out of the app, Its time for a fun, fresh start!


I think the same


100% agree


100% agree


I guess so


i agree, there should be no hand outs period. Especially since @dom wants the app to eventually be considered to be not connected to vine. This app is a completely new social network there for old vine stars do not need to be awarded.


I agree, mostly because when vine first came out I was supperrr young! I want to be vine famous, and possibly have a different algorithm for featured, like international, national, interregional, and regional would be a way for users to make it up the leaderboards? Any suggestions?


i think there should be where each week there are rankings of profiles from each country. For example, top ten in the USA, top ten is Mexico, top ten in Brazil, etc…