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Square or Portrait?


Square it’s more beautiful


Definately Portrait!!

  • More chance to be seen since the viewer can’t scroll past it as fast.

  • more pleasing to the eye, squares don’t take in your entire screen so you already see the other video, this would annoy me :blush:

  • portrait is way more modern

  • The only 2 reasons people choose square is because Vine had it & because it would be more fit to share on Youtube. Both of these reasons have nothing to do with this app

  • Portrait Portrait Portrait


Portrait is the future guys !


square like the original, and if people want portrait or horizontal they can use third party apps to add a border. maybe give an option of a built in border, but essentially I would leave the post square


The only reason I’d say square is cause scrolling through the feed & reading the accompanying captions was an integral part of the experience for me :man_shrugging:t4:, but if there was a way to still have captions visable in portrait tho I’m all for


This probably sounds dum to most people but I prefer square because something about using the full screen to video myself makes me anxious but just having the small square made me feel more safe lmao


Could you have an option depending on the video?


I agree!!


In my opinion the shape should be squares. If the app incorporated both, it would become slightly annoying or tacky while scrolling through it. Rectangle then square than rectangle. It, in my opinion, would feel out of place or out of form. An app like this should be smooth and not jumping in between shapes.
I am partially for rectangles as well however I would not like them to be together as they don’t create a smooth flow between content.


@insane So you don’t like the way Instagram does it? :slight_smile:


I did :smiling_imp:


No I was thinking of just condensing the screen where the button like “comment” and “like” are closer similar to Instagram when you can edit the size.


If it is portrait, Will the videos have to be expanded. Because if so I think that it would be way to much work to go through every video expanding and going back to expand the next one


I asked Dom about it and he said that it could be like not the best idea. Could make the app slower.


Portrait will just take up More space on the screen,
There could be an option where while you’re recording, it’ll record in portrait, then will show square, but will allow you to expand the video to portrait mode


I do not use Instagram often but I would like v2 to be something different to other social media. Each form of social media is taking things that are working from other platforms and using it in their own. V2 is to be more exciting. More enjoyable for the user and also unique. Squares in my opinion are the best option because they provide consistency instead of changes in where you have to focus as soon as you move onto the next video. As I said this is my opinion and I am most likely in a minority of people who want only one. I like both squares and rectangles but I would not like them to be together






Portrait allows to show more space, come on, people :angry:


it has to be square. it’s so much easier to consume, and the aesthetics you can produce with a square shot with. i feel strongly toward the square option