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Square or Portrait?


Portrait is to much like musically.


I personally feel like the traditional square resolution will just fit better. Unless it can be executed perfectly having the option for both square and portrait will be too irritating. But that’s just my opinion.


totally agree, having the option to choose


i voted for portrait mode! i’m always done for something fresh and i love the way vertical imaages/videos look!

if there are already features similar to that of the previous application, i’d say go for the portrait mode to give it the fresh feel and allow for “new history” to be made

plus i look great in portrait mode so


Definitely square!!!


While I like both formats, Portrait videos are going to be very problematic because nowadays some devices are have a 16:9 (iPhone, A load of Android phones) aspect ratio, others are in 19,5:9 (iPhone X) others in 18,5:9 (S8) … that’s already an issue with many platforms :confused:
Square is great not only because it’ll fit all phones but it’ll also be more appropriate on Desktop, I used to watch a lot of vines shared on Twitter from my laptop and the square format is just :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Because if we do both, then everybody will do square and put white bars at the bottom and top of their video. And their is no point




Square would make the newsfeed easier to scroll through, if it’s portrait we won’t be able to see the caption and video at the same time


Ideally the flexibility or cropping option of any aspect ratio and/or full screen mode would be optimal. Although in app I prefer 1:1 .


Hi! O just saw this on Twitter and i was wondering if i could help. I’m from Europe so I hope that’s ok?


Actually I would prefer Hexagonal Prism…

But seriously, a choice would be nice. Sometimes I like the SQUARE crop to make it look cleaner/ nicer. It helps share everywhere else without worrying about dimensions. But also more “difficult” to export (just another step really) if I’m editing the video.

It’s not great when I want to include more horizontal space (a cityscape, conversation between two people, etc.) or vertical space (selfie, full-body shot, a tall building, etc.).

Also ‘Portrait’ can look more cinematic when its horizontal. That’s if you care that it looks more like a film or not.


Square would provide a more concise form factor in my opinion. Much more interesting to watch, vs a portrait mode which had quickly become overwhelming.


If it is not square, I will shed a tear.


Square. When watching portrait video you cant really see the caption which is very big part of the vinevideos.


Do both!



If possible, both!!!


I think Square would be nicer tbh, portrait videos are a bit limited to me


Yes probably. I’m from the UK so it would affect me too but I’m 99% sure V2 will be international because there isn’t a reason why not


Take a look at this: Will V2 be international?