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Square or Portrait?




Square! It’s what made v*ne so unique (other than it bein only 6 seconds) it really forces users to get creative with the space given.


I like the square


I feel like square just keeps it classic like the of vines… if compilations are made with old vibes and new vibes would be nice to keep them all square.


I’d love portrait, but not fullscreen. The extra room to work outside of square could help videos look good without taking up the extra space where the artist’s profile and the caption could live.


What was the original rationale for the square format?

I feel like there’s some ratio of video-to-screen that starts to break the idea of a feed. Square works great for constant scrolling, as it affords space to content above and below. Instagram allows taller posts now, and keeps chrome on screen, but a single gram can’t own your whole screen, so the linear feed still works nice. Musically and Snapchat and Instagram Stories, though, have very different interfaces and interactions around their content, because they’re giving way to full screen portrait videos.

Here’s on UX thing I think would be weird in full-screen portrait: vine with full screen, auto-progressing videos (e.g. after playing, it’d move onto the next video in the queue) would feel weird. Part of the magic of a lot of short videos is that they become magical only after several views.

Another weird thing: discovery of artists to follow can happen really naturally in feeds via revines! But when it’s injected right into an autoplaying full screen series of vids, that can feel a little too invasive. Having a new pattern for discovery seems important with full screen portrait, imo.

I think full screen portrait is fun. I think the above problems are probably tractable. I think it would be wildly different from Vine; I think it would probably also be better for today than Vine’s original design. But then I’m not sure how different it is from Musically, and I’m not sure what’s exactly lost in departing from Vine so dramatically. The people who show up here asking for more of the same aren’t gonna be super happy; maybe keeping them happy matters more than shipping “the next thing” first.


Definitely square! From a production perspective it makes things easier to frame in a shot, as portrait mode is mainly good for… well, portraits. Square is just more dynamically applicable for content creation. From a consumer perspective it comes down to personal taste, which for a small n=1 is square too. Being able to see what’s next on a feed is important to me, and again, I think content is better on a 1:1 ratio.


I think it would be best to have both! On instagram you can post in square or you can post it widened


Oh my god. My dumbass was thinking landscape, not portrait. I change my mind. Go with square :grimacing:


portrait because u could easily upload a pre recorded vid and not have to worry about stuff being cut off


I think portrait would be good if we were able to rotate the phone so that it becomes widescreen. But square, in my opinion, seems more versatile. Especially for those who want to edit on a computer before uploading. Portrait would be a strange ratio to edit. And I understand it’s probably best to try to separate from Vine, but square worked really well, wouldn’t you say?


Square is a great standard now days. Plus is easy to shoot thinking in a square view, and for creators is fantastic to build portfolios showing a bunch of squares. And please let us add a thumbnail as a portrait for our videos.


square gives creators space for editing horizontal videos and looks clean. I suppose portrait could work as well. however, it would definitely bring a strong resemblance of instagram


THE reason I say square 100 % is because a portrait video a) takes up too much of the screen, not leaving room for likes comments etc. B) video editing will be a pain on computers (more than before) c) sharing on other websites or watching on other computers will Ben a pain to watch.


Please both! I have already filmed like 30 vines in portrait :joy:


Portrait would be more in line with how people use their smartphones now and immediate future. It would change the game for framing. Actually would be nice to have both options like on other platforms.


Can we turn the phone sideways and record in landscape mode?


We should have the possibility of using either landscape, portrait or square


I like the square look better, but like other people said you could do square as default and portrait/landscape as other options


Square is the reference of the app! it’s nostalgic, classic and easy to see on any device! #TeamSquare