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Square or Portrait?


what the original vine format looked like


i’d be interested to know how portrait would even work? would you have to tap into the video to make it full screen? are there any apps doing “scroll down full screen” that i can check out for examples?


Square is universal and would work well on a vertically-scrolling timeline, allowing you to see the video and the caption below it at the same time, even on small phones.


That’s what my other comment about 3:4 ratio was about. If by portrait they mean like stories or style for example, which they probably do, then full screen would be the only way to watch it at a decent size on most phones, which is my problem with portrait. If they did it at 3:4, portrait Instagram post style, then I would be fine with that however.


Squarrreeeee Plzzzzzzz




You should do Both!!


Have you ever used the old Vine?

#114 does scroll down full screen videos.


square pleaseeee. we need some v*ne tradition to stay alive


I Agree, It makes more sense for the viewers too, less space in the camera also makes it hard to make the vines


I agree, keep the tradition! Square!!! :heart:


I’m surprised so many people want square


Square will make fans who loved vine able to relate more. It just seems wrong not to have square only.


Square for sure, the full portrait mode gets annoying to look at and is much harder for creators to get certain angles/ shots.


Yes I did. If I’m viewing or creating videos on a phone, I prefer portrait. For the type of videos I’d like to post on this app, I think portrait would work best for me. I don’t like to be boxed in! :joy:


Square is better for creations. Portrait is a lot more personal. Along with Vine kind if solidifying the square look, why do you think most people still post square photos on Instagram when we have the option to not? It’s better for Artists.


Keep it classic, square one is aways the way to go :smile:


it’s alright dom


I personally think portrait is a better way to go. If you think about it the creators could make it square if they so desire while in the process of editing, just a little thought