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Square or Portrait?


Why not a circle? :sweat_smile: (I think both would be cool doe)


Portrait, but not full portrait!!

Like, choose portrait, but have it more squared than portraitmode — Instagram I believe does this to an extent!




We don’t have to go into origin stories but snapchat didn’t even originally have the story feature, it was only a messaging app. Plus you have to keep in mind that vine is dead and this is a different app


My opinion portraits, allowing for my creativity in a shot.


How can we not reminisce too much? The only reason V2 has this much momentum before it’s even launched is that people reminisce about the past. They remember the golden says of 6.5-second videos, and they want those days back.


true, but there can be a few changes here and there that i think will improve the app over all


I think portrait would be good, it’s kind of a way of “modernizing” things ?


og vine with the square mode


How about in the middle? So it’s not the whole screen but a little bigger then square? Kinda like original vine had it.


Yeah so it’s like In the middle of square and potriat


square all the way, but I also dig the idea of both being available


Vine was always square


What about how Instagram stories has it? It’s pretty much both into one.


I’m confused if you film in portrait mode can it still be square? Just a little cut off? Pls reply someone


Don’t be a Square… just use Portrait! It’s a phone app, why not use the full screen? It gives the viewer the best experience.


It would probably be portrait 9:16, most phones use this (it’s wide-screen ratio but sideways), although I know some newer Samsung and Apple phones don’t, but people buying these have to take into account themselves that videos anywhere will have bars on the side 9 times out of 10. That’s not developers’ job.


Portrait 3:4, maybe, 9:16 though, definitely not, although I’m assuming you probably mean 9:16.


I would ~respectfully~ argue that the average consumer has no idea that there are consequences in screen ratio when making a purchase decision, and that it would be the developer’s job as the ‘timeline’ would require a method to normalize these sizes so that each ‘v*ne’ isn’t whatever ratio the camera that took it was. In full screen mode of course black bars are sufficient, but when making a timeline something must inevitably be cropped when the video sizes vary. No good user experience would comprise of having to go in full screen mode just to watch a six second video


Having the option to do both would be great